Bubble display shield for Adafruit Trinket

davedarko created this Adafruit Trinket Pro shield for the adorable HP QDSP-6064 bubble display

trinket pro bubble display shield


for building clocks and bring them anywhere you want, even integrated a temperature sensor, if you’re into that kind of stuff

The design files and source code are hosted on GitHub:


Shield for trinket pro to feature a bubble display and lm75

I created this project, inspired by the events in Texas, where a 9th grade kid called Ahmed got arrested for bringing a clock as a hardware project to school.

It is a shield for an adafruit trinket pro, based on an atmega238p with vusb.

An additional temperature sensor in the form of the LM75 can be added to this bubble display shield. The atmega32p is capable of driving up to 40mA per pin, so with the display needing 5mA per element of a digit, it should be fine, since it will be a pulsed signal and there are 8 elements max.

The display is a famous pocket calculator LED bubble display called the HP QDSP-6064.


davedarko has shared the board on OSH Park:

ProTrinket Bubble Display shield

Order from OSH Park

Bubble display shield for Adafruit Trinket

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