MIT Rocket Team

OSH Park is proud to be a sponsor of the MIT Rocket Team:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s student-run rocketry club


Their latest rocket is designed to ascend 10,000 ft and deploy a parachute for the descent:

Project Therion

Project Therion is named after the many-headed dragon of biblical lore. Our rocket is designed to ascend 10,000 ft, where it will deploy a small pilot parachute. The rocket will descend under the pilot to 5,000 ft. At 5,000 ft, a 67 foot parafoil will unfurl from within the rocket. A flight computer will guide the descending vehicle back toward a designated landing site.

Avionics is developing a Linux-based Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) computer to help the parafoil find its way home. The instruments were designed as a Beagle Bone cape, which is currently being manufactured. The avionics instrumentation includes GPS, barometric altimeter, nine degree of freedom sensor, and a pitot tube.

The board design for the Avionics cape is shared on OSH Park:

MIT Rocket Team: BeagleBone Avionics Cape

by jswiezy.
d13cfd380a3e26b8503a57a828f2894b (1).png

Avionics All-In-One Board

Order from OSH Park

MIT Rocket Team

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