RF Gateway With Display for Particle Photon

Charles-Henri Hallard is working on a Ultra Low Power nodes project (formerly ULPNode).  He needed a powerful and small gateway, so  he created this RF Gateway with OLED display for Particle Photon or the older Spark Core:

Particle Universal Gateway for ULPNode


The gateway will be responsible of node ID attribution, acting like a DHCP server, once a new node is discovered and/or put in configuration mode, it can be connected to the network just like a classic computer, the Gateway will dedicate to it a specific Node ID, and once this node ID will be affected, the possibility to configure the node through the gateway web interface.

Another function of the Gateway will be to push the data to a IoT server (local or cloud) such as Emoncms or whatever dashboard available like Blynk (for phone and tablet)AdafruitParticle Dashboard or freeboard

Charles describes the features of the board:

  • Socket to plug a Spark Core or Particle Photon
  • Pins to connect I2C or SPI OLED 128×64
  • Pins to connect 2.2″ or 1.8″ TFT LCD
  • RFM69 or RFM12B on board module
  • Lipo Battery connector for testing and move the Gateway (no charger on board)
  • 3V3 On board regulator for harvesting devices if any to avoid pumping from Particle Regulator
  • Data connection for any cheap ebay ASK RX receiver
  • FTDI connection for those who want to debug serial or send data over real serial
  • 2 x grove I2C connector to connect other I2C devices


The design files and bill of materials (BoM) are hosted on GitHub:



hallard has shared the board on OSH Park:

Spark/Particle RF Gateway With Display

i (1)
Order from OSH Park

RF Gateway With Display for Particle Photon

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