Tinusaur: ATtiny85 Quick Start Boards

Neven Boyanov from Bulgaria started Tinusaur Project in 2013 as a tiny platform to learn microcontrollers with the Atmel ATtiny85:


Boyanov has recently launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo:

The Tinusaur Project – ATtiny85 Quick Start Boards

Ever wanted to start with microcontrollers, the simplest way?  Well, you’ve just found it!  Get one of our kits, fetch your soldering iron and start.

Update #1:

Our first workshop for this year took place couple of weeks ago in Plovdiv at Hackafe. It was part of a much larger event about microcontrollers, robotics and internet-of-things.


Many Tinusaur boards are shared on OSH Park by boyanov including:

Tinusaur Board v0.3 RC5

Order from OSH Park

Checkout Tinusaur on YouTube for fun examples like this:

Tinusaur: ATtiny85 Quick Start Boards

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