Winners of An Unconventional Clock contest


Congratulations to the winners of An Unconventional Clock contest in /r/diyelectronics on reddit!

Winner of Community vote:

Steam Punk owl clocks by Kurt Schaefer

With 20 votes total, this comprehensive build combines electronics, woodworking and using plexiglass to simulate Nixie tubes in a clock with a bunch of added features.

Be sure to check out Kurt’s detailed blog about the design and construction:

Plexitube Owl Clock

position an LED at the edge of a piece of acrylic that has a pattern laser-etched into its surface, and the LED lights up the pattern. Long ago I’d realized that a stack of 10 laser-etched digits with an LED to light up each digit might have the same visual charm as a Nixi Tube


Winner of Jury vote:

Persistence of Vision Clock by mr_stivo

We appreciated the innovative idea and the finished look the project has. Moreover, the documentation was great and it looked awesome in the demo video.


Want to join in the fun?  Buck Regulator Olympics is the current advanced contest in /r/diyelectronics:

build a switching buck DC-DC converter from discrete components that can step down a fairly common input voltage to another common output voltage


Winners of An Unconventional Clock contest

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