Buck Regulator Olympics


Buck Regulator Olympics is the current advanced contest in /r/diyelectronics on reddit:

The goal is to build a switching buck DC-DC converter from discrete components that can step down a fairly common input voltage to another common output voltage–in this case, 3.3V



  • Output voltage of 3.3V.
  • Minimum current of 100mA.
  • Can not be a prepackaged buck regulator solution
  • Must build from scratch using discrete components


  • One winner be picked by a panel of judges including kentaurus712 and RTA5
  • One winner will be picked by community votes
  • Selection criteria:
    • Cost efficiency (lowest overall BOM cost)
    • Power efficiency
    • Output tolerance
    • Features:
      • Feedback loops
      • error correction
      • overcurrent protection
      • turn-on voltage enables


  • Both winners will receive $30 gift code for OSH Park


  • April 30th, 2016
Buck Regulator Olympics

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