Getting to Blinky with Kicad 4.0

Chris Gammell of Contextual Electronics and The Amp Hour teaches Kicad beginners how to design a simple board in this new video series:

Getting To Blinky 4.0

Screenshot from 2016-05-06 14-22-26.png

KiCad 4.0 introduced different methods of library management and workflow from the 2013 release which the original Getting To Blinky used:

We decided to re-do the Getting To Blinky series […] the software being out of sync has started to affect learners’ ability to really get going with KiCad and building electronics.

There are 3 new videos from the original series:

We enjoyed seeing purple pop-up several times!


Getting to Blinky with Kicad 4.0

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