Choose next beginner challenge on Reddit


We loved the winners of An Unconventional Clock contest and are excited /r/diyelectronics is planning a new beginner challenge:

Choose the topic of the next beginner challenge!

Now, we are looking for topics for the next beginner challenge. If you have an idea, please let everyone know, or respond to others’ ideas. This is a community thing, so the topic of the contest will of course be decided by you as well!

Here are some initial ideas:

  • Powerful ATtiny
    • What is the most powerful system you can make, controlled by an ATtiny?
  • Renewable energy
    • Make the most creative system to get energy for a circuit from wind, solar or another form of renewable energy!
  • Attractive Circuits
    • PCB’s are inherently beautiful to people who are interested in electronics, but can you make a really attractive circuit? Think along the lines of combining different materials in a PCB, or go homemade with perfboard and wires.


Choose next beginner challenge on Reddit

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