How To Share Your Project on OSH Park

This shared project has been created as an example of how to link to project resources:

BeagleWire FPGA cape

Screenshot from 2017-06-10 15-09-51

Here’s the steps to share your OSH Park project:

Step 1: Click ‘Start sharing’

Navigate to your Projects page and click the ‘Start sharing‘ link for the project that you wish to share:


Step 2: Edit your shared project content

The shared project content is formatted by Markdown syntax.  This is a good guide:  Markdown Cheatsheet

We recommend you include a link to your projects primary documentation such as Github,,, or Tindie.  Remember to publish your BOM as well, since your project cannot be built without it.

Here is what the shared project edit page looks like:


Step 3: View the Shared Projects directory

Navigate to the Shared Projects directory page and you should see your new shared project at the top.  You can also search for shared projects from this page.

Screenshot from 2017-06-04 03-52-25

How To Share Your Project on OSH Park

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