CANoolder: CAN to 3.3V interface

Colin O’Flynn of NewAE designed this simple CAN to 3.3V logic level interface:



CANoodler is a simple CAN (not CAN-FD) interface, which provides logic-level 3.3V output. It’s designed to be used with microcontrollers that have CAN blocks inside them, and in particular uses a pinout on some ChipWhisperer CW308 (UFO) Target boards.

It’s kinda nice (I think anyway) since it has these features:

  • LEDs for TX/RX (uses MOSFET to drive LEDs so doesn’t slow your I/O pins down).
  • Reverse-polarity protection on 3.3V input.
  • Switch for CAN termination on/off with LED feedback.

The design files are available on GitHub:


Screenshot from 2017-08-28 01-38-11

coflynn has shared the board on OSH Park:

CANoodler – CAN to TTL Interface

Order from OSH Park

CANoolder: CAN to 3.3V interface

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