CANoolder: CAN to 3.3V interface

Colin O’Flynn of NewAE designed this simple CAN to 3.3V logic level interface:



CANoodler is a simple CAN (not CAN-FD) interface, which provides logic-level 3.3V output. It’s designed to be used with microcontrollers that have CAN blocks inside them, and in particular uses a pinout on some ChipWhisperer CW308 (UFO) Target boards.

It’s kinda nice (I think anyway) since it has these features:

  • LEDs for TX/RX (uses MOSFET to drive LEDs so doesn’t slow your I/O pins down).
  • Reverse-polarity protection on 3.3V input.
  • Switch for CAN termination on/off with LED feedback.

The design files are available on GitHub:


Screenshot from 2017-08-28 01-38-11

coflynn has shared the board on OSH Park:

CANoodler – CAN to TTL Interface

Order from OSH Park

CANoolder: CAN to 3.3V interface

Trailer Brake Light Controller


Kevin H. Patterson designed this solution for trailer light wiring after installing a towing hitch on his vehicle:

Custom Brake Light Controller Expands your Trailer’s Capabilities

This is a power module designed to control trailer lights based on signals from your vehicle’s lighting circuits. Most vehicles have at least 4 separate circuits: Running (Tail) Lights, Brake, Left Turn, and Right Turn. Most basic trailers have a 4-wire connector with only 3 signals: Running (Tail) Lights, Left Turn, and Right Turn. The trailer does not have a separate circuit for Brake lights; applying the Brake is supposed to light up both the Left and Right Turn signals together.

2016-12-27T19-36-54.181Z-IMG_1659 (1).jpg.855x570_q85_pad_rcrop.jpg

The board can be purchased on Tindie:


Creltek 3-Line Trailer Light Converter

4-Line to 3-Line Combining Tail Light Power Module for 12V Systems

Trailer Brake Light Controller

EDm: OBDII CAN bus BLE dongle

MyLab-odyssey created this board tho monitor the status of your Smart electric drive EV with this RFduino CAN bus dongle and the Blynk app on your mobile phone:



Hardware used:

  • RFduino MCU & BLE
  • MCP2515 CAN controller
  • MCP2562 CAN transceiver + ESD diode
  • OKI 78SR DC/DC for efficiency.

MyLab-odyssey has shared the boards OSH Park:



Order from OSH Park

EDm: OBDII CAN bus BLE dongle