Audio Reactive Kitty Ears

Screenshot from 2018-04-10 12-04-10

Mary Etta West at SparkFun has remixed Anouk Wipprecht’s Kitty Ear project to make it react to audio:

Audio Reactive Wearables

At the beginning of this year I began prototyping an audio reactive headband to wear in my everyday life, like while dancing with my dog in my lab listening to Legend of Zelda dubstep.

Screenshot from 2018-04-10 12-07-34.png

 A few weeks ago I saw this post by my favorite Engineer/Maker/FashionTech Designer/Roboticist Anouk Wipprecht – a kitty ears soldering project with 3D-printed headband. I immediately ordered the Electronic Kitty Ears Headband from Shapeways, and after more digging around I found the Instructables tutorial for the kitty ears soldering project. The tutorial includes the BOM, the .stl files for the headband and a link to the OSHPARK shared project.

I downloaded the gerbers and exported the dimension layer as a gerber by itself. Then I imported it to the dimension layer in EagleCAD so I knew I had the same dimensions and my circuit would fit in the Kitty Ears headband. You can see the prototypes in the first picture. In a day I captured the schematic from the original prototype circuit and laid out the PCB design in the Kitty Ears form factor.

The design files and source code are available on GitHub:


Audio Reactive Kitty Ears

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