Open FPGA Hardware and Tooling meetup in London on March 21st

There will be an open FPGA meetup next week in London with speakers David Shah
and Alan Wood:

FPGA Hardware and Tooling: Past, Present and Future

Date And Time: Thu, 21 March 2019, 18:00 – 20:30 GMT

Location: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London

Screenshot from 2019-03-14 12-54-25

  • Open Source FPGA Tooling past to present

David Shah looks at where we have come from with the IceStorm tool chain, and looks at how this has developed recently and expanded Ice40 Lattice support to include new lower power, lower cost, reduced pincount FPGAs to include their Ultra & Ultra Plus range.

  • Open Source FPGA Hardware past to present

Alan Wood talks about the journey through the early history of OpenSource FPGA open hardware from IcoBoard through myStorm too recent UltraPlus offerings recently made available.

  • Open Source FPGA Tooling present to future

Icestorm was aimed at a narrow family of Ice40 FPGAS, the new Symbiflow family of tools expands the opensource tooling exponentially. David Shah takes a look at NextPNR which lies at the heart of the toolset and deals with specific FPGA family functionality, in particular he concentrates on the Lattice ECP5 family support he has developed with Project Trellis as part of NextPNR and the recent 1.0 version supporting this new family and high end FPGA features.

  • Open Source FPGA Hardware present to future

What comes next for opensource FPGA hardware, after the success of tinyFPGA and myStorm we are beginning to see ECP5 opensource hardware emerging first with Radiona’s ULX3S and being followed up by offerings from both tinyFPGA and myStorm dev board stables, with new hardware comes new features building on NextPNRs tooling like DSP, SerDES IO Gearing and DDR memory etc, Alanplots the course for these new powerful open source development boards…

Look for our Drew Fustini (@pdp7) in purple!

Open FPGA Hardware and Tooling meetup in London on March 21st

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