BreadboardBuddy Pro

BreadboardBuddy Pro from AtomSoftTech on Tindie:


What is the Breadboard Buddy Pro

The BBBPro is a 4 in 1 breadboard tool. The amount of time you save using this is crazy! Ive been using my original Breadboard Buddy for years and the main addition is the newer CP2104 and Lipo Charging.

The board can be broken down into four main parts.

USB Power, USB 2 UART, LIPO Charger, Reset Button.

USB Power

Using a MicroUSB cable you can supply the board with its power. The board can output 5v and 3.3v simultaneously. Using the Jumpers on each of the top corners you can select which supply goes to which rail on breadboard.

If using a battery please note that there will obviously be no 5v supply. You can take 4.2 (or what ever the voltage on battery may be) from the BATT pin. Otherwise it will supply power to the 3.3v regulator and you can still use that on the power rails.


The USB to UART uses the CP2104, its a beautiful less expensive part than the FT232RL. It has a RX and TX led for indication of data transmission and reception. Supports 5/6/7/8 Data bits, Stop Bits 1/1.5/2, Parity odd/even/mark/space/none, Baud Rates 300bps to 2Mbits. Has a 576 transmit and receive buffer.

Lipo Charger

Uses the widely known and trusted MCP73831 for lipo charging. These ICs are so popular and tested so much that it almost guarantees your battery will be charged safely. The same charging circuit is used by other suppliers of similar circuits. What makes mines special is the ability to still supply power to circuit while charging, without crossing the voltage. Has a option for 100mA or 500mA charging on bottom. (Solder Jumper)

Reset Button

Just about any breadboard user knows how important a reset button can be. Using DIP MCUs are awesome for prototyping but all these extra components can take up so much space. This button isnt taking any space away. Also its pull up to 3.3v or 5v so you MCU is safe. (please ensure you select correct voltage on solder jumper on bottom) Can be used as a General Purpose pulled up button as well.

BreadboardBuddy Pro

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