Retro CPC Dongle update

Another update from the Intelligent Toasters blog:

Retro CPC Dongle – Part 48

The CPC2 daughter board described in my last post arrived quicker than expected, but dry assembling the board revealed some unforeseen problems. So this post contains another lesson learned.

Before I desoldered the headers on the bottom of the CPC2, I thought I’d check the alignment of the pin headers on the daughter board against the mating pads on the bottom of the CPC2. One of my spare CPC2 boards aligned perfectly, but revealed an issue that I hadn’t considered.

Fortunately, the daughter board was only a two layer board and so fairly inexpensive. So while I won’t be using it for now, it’s another lesson learned. It was also good to prove that Kicad is both easy to use and natively works with the file upload at OshPark.

On a final note, compare the OSH Park PCBs with the KiCad render. Spooky how similar they are, right?

Retro CPC Dongle update

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