Open source BioAmp kit

The BioAmp v1 designed by Deepak Khatri is a bio-potential amplifier for tinkers & hackers alike, who want to build projects that incorporate signals from the human body:

BioAmp v1 kit

BioAmp v1 is an open hardware board that can amplify biological signals and it can be used for sampling bio-potential differences. This board can be used for signals like EEG, ECG, EKG and EMG. You can use the included recorder cable for recording the signal on a pc using audacity OR on mobile using Backyard brain’s spike recorder app. The other cable with male headers, which I will call the Tinker cable, you can use it for connecting the board’s output to a breadboard for amplification and filtering, OR you can connect it directly to Arduino.

Coming soon as a purple PCB…

Open source BioAmp kit

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