Update for BioAmp kit on Tindie

I recently posted about the open source BioAmp kit by Upside Down Labs on Tindie and a new version is now available with a proper printed circuit board (in purple, of course):

BioAmp v1.5 kit

A single chip biopotential amplifier for recording any biopotential signal non-invasively.

What is BioAmp v1.5?

BioAmp v1.5 is a single chip biopotential amplifier. It can record any biopotential signal non-invasively and doesn’t require any microcontroller to sample the signal. You just plug 9v Battery to board, Electrodes to body and Audio jack to Mobile/Laptop and you are ready to record signals like EMG, ECG, EKG, EOG, and EEG. You can record the signals on a pc using audacity OR on mobile using Backyard brain’s spike recorder app.

Why did I made this BioAmp v1.5?

I made this Board as a cheap alternative to the Backyard brain’s spiker box and human interface kit. You can perform everything that the spiker box does, although some projects may require a bit of tinkering (ex. opamp circuit on a breadboard), and that’s what makes it more fun because you’ll learn a lot about biological signals and electronics.

Update for BioAmp kit on Tindie

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