Holiday with Hackaday and Tindie

Exciting news from Hackaday and Tindie:

2020 can’t stop this holiday meetup! Join Hackaday and Tindie virtually for a fun community hangout in Remo.

Some of you may remember this platform from the community Bring-A-Hack at Remoticon last month. For those who have not used Remo, it’s  a neat platform that allows participants to move around a virtual conference space and join different conversations. The holiday event will accommodate seating areas for up to eight people as well as smaller seating sections.

Register ahead of time here!

Join the fun December 15th Noon Pacific!

Share your latest projects, check out what other people in the community are working on, and catch up with friends! We hope to see you there!

Link to join the event once it has started.

Holiday with Hackaday and Tindie

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