Two New Oddly Specific Objects from Joey Castillo

Tom Fleet writes on Hackster about one of our favorite makers:

Joey Castillo’s No Muppet When It Comes to Time Management, Back with Two New Oddly Specific Objects

One of the first significant projects I was fortunate enough to be able to cover was that of the OSO Open Book, an Oddly Specific Object from Joey Castillo. This open source e-book reader looked to free many from the bindings of DRM, enforced by many commercial platforms.

Bert and Ernie

The latest pair of PCB designs to be derived from Castillo’s Twitter feed come in the format of this illustrious duo, affectionally named Bert and Ernie.

I think all I can say — without being sued — is that the resemblance to a certain well-known set of characters who may or many not resemble the duo heading up this article is, well, uncanny.

Right now, this platform looks set to perform as the prototype from which future works can spring forth, and as with a lot of what Castillo does, it’s all about testing out new technologies and ideas, and there are one or two features on these fresh new designs that are pretty damn funky — let’s check ’em out.

Two New Oddly Specific Objects from Joey Castillo

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