Why Are Circuits on Boards?

From Zack Freedman of Fat Cat Labs:

Why Are Circuits on Boards?

Chips are tiny and phones are glass, so why are circuits still flat and green? The printed circuit board played a pivotal role in World War 2, and it’s barely changed since then. Nearly every modern device has at least one circuit board; they’re so ubiquitous, we just assume that electronics are flat rectangles. It wasn’t always that way – once upon a time, terrifying globs of exposed connections and miles-long webs of wrapped wires lurked behind the wood veneer.

See how the literal foundation of technology is made, learn about the modern features that enable powerful electronics, catch a glimpse of the advanced future, and most importantly, discover why, after 80 years of progress, we still put all our circuits on boards.

Why Are Circuits on Boards?

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