USB Panel Meters Enclosure

From Glen Akins’ Photons, Electrons, and Dirt blog:

USB Panel Meters Enclosure and Windows 10 App

In the first part of this project, I acquired four round HUA SO-45 10 mA analog panel meters and built a board to control them over USB as a vendor-defined USB HID device. The next steps in this project are to build an enclosure for the meters and to develop a C# .NET graphical user interface to control them. Let’s take a look at designing the enclosure then we’ll take a look at building a simple Windows GUI to control them.

The inside of the enclosure is shown in the photo above. I used a short USB A to USB C right angle cable to connect the rear panel connector to the circuit board. There’s probably room for the three feet of cable on the USB C version of the rear panel connector but this seems to be the cleaner solution in my opinion.

USB Panel Meters Enclosure

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