Humo the Soldering Fume Collector

From Jo Hinchliffe on the Tindie blog:

Humo the Soldering Fume Collector

Whether you use lead free or leaded solder, it’s always a good idea to avoid inhaling fumes whilst soldering. This cute character “Humo” can help keep your lungs healthy whilst you tinker.

Humo is a kit by Blinkyparts and features a cute laser-cut enclosure and a collection of parts to make a fume extractor/collector. There is a 120mm fan included which draws fumes through a supplied activated charcoal filter to capture the fumes. Humo’s wooden legs allow you to position and angle it to get the best position whilst you work. For power it comes with a 12v supply and connector. Looking over the documentation, however, you could opt to add some parts yourself and make a 5V-12V boosted supply meaning it can then run from a USB socket or powerbank for portable use.

Finally, it’s fair to say that fume collectors are a great way to begin taking care of your lungs whilst soldering but you should also ensure that your work area is well ventilated giving you a good supply of fresh air!

Humo the Soldering Fume Collector

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