LiPo Power Pack

Oak Dev Tech designed this stackable LiPo battery backpack for the Adafruit QtPy:

What is it?

A LiPo Battery Backpack specifically designed to work with the Adafruit Qt Py and board with similar 5V, GND, and 3.3V pin configurations.

This little backpack not only brings LiPo Battery power to your Qt Py, but also battery charging so you can easily recharge your project

Why did you make it?

The QT Py was wildly popular and many were asking how to use a LiPo with the board. With that question the LiPo Power Pack was born.

What makes it special?

It’s designed specifically to work with the footprint of the Adafruit Qt Py (all variants) and the seeed studio Xiao making it an obvious choice for maintaining the smaller footprint while still bringing LiPo battery capabilities to these devices.

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LiPo Power Pack

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