PixelWing takes flight

Our friends at Oak Development Tech designed this WiFi + RGB matrix display which combines the power of ESP32-S2 and SK6812mini:

PixelWing ESP32-S2 RGB Matrix

The PixelWing Matrix is a powerful ESP32-S2 RGB Matrix Display board that allows you to make a simple connected display, data logger, or environmental indicator. The PixelWing features USB-C power, a 5×10 RGB Matrix Display using SK6812mini Addressable LEDs that are compatible with Adafruit NEOPIXEL Libraries!

In addition to this, the PixelWing provides a quick access I2C JST connector that is compatible with Qwiic and Stemma QT connectors allowing you to connect all your favorite Adafruit and Sparkfun sensor breakouts.

All of this is combined with Circuit Python support making it easy to get programming on your project.

PixelWing takes flight

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