Battman Battery Management System

From Raphael Chang:


Battman Battery Management System

As part of the fully custom electric longboard I am building, I designed a battery management system (BMS) for a 12 cell lithium ion battery pack. The BMS, named “Battman”, is meant to monitor both Lithium Polymer cells (LiPo) and Lithium Iron Phosphate cells (LiFePo4), and it can protect the batteries against undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature.

It also has an integrated charging circuit that can perform constant current/constant voltage charging of the cells up to 6A, while performing balancing of the cells at 100mA. In addition, it functions as the main power switch of the longboard system, and includes a precharge circuit to limit inrush currents. Finally, the BMS does current measurements for coulomb counting, and performs state-of-charge calculations.

The project is shared in these GitHub repos:

Andrius has shared the board on OSH Park:

Battman lithium ion battery management system


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Battman Battery Management System

Upgrade for cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board

Robert on designed this upgrade for a cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board:


TP4056 3V3 load share addon board

I wanted to have a load sharing for my future battery operated project with the ability to charge the battery. There is a load of cheap TP4056 boards from China. None of them has the load sharing or voltage regulator on board so I made my own addon board.

Smrtokvitek has shared the board on OSH Park:

3V3 load share for TP4056 v1.1


Order from OSH Park

Upgrade for cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board