USB-C PD Buddy Sink

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PD Buddy Sink

USB Power Delivery for everyone

USB Power Delivery is a cool standard for getting lots of power—up to 100 W—from a USB Type-C port. Being an open standard for supplying enough power to charge phones, laptops, and just about anything else under the sun, USB PD is poised to greatly reduce the amount of e-waste produced worldwide from obsolete proprietary chargers. Unfortunately, like all USB standards, it’s quite complex, putting it out of reach of the average electronics hobbyist.

PD Buddy Sink solves this problem, letting any hacker or maker use USB PD in their projects. Think of it as a smart power jack. To use it, first configure a voltage and current via the USB configuration interface. Then whenever the Sink is plugged in to a USB PD power supply, it negotiates the power your project needs and provides it on the output connector.

The KiCad design files are available on his website:


USB-C PD Buddy Sink

Upgrade for cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board

Robert on designed this upgrade for a cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board:


TP4056 3V3 load share addon board

I wanted to have a load sharing for my future battery operated project with the ability to charge the battery. There is a load of cheap TP4056 boards from China. None of them has the load sharing or voltage regulator on board so I made my own addon board.

Smrtokvitek has shared the board on OSH Park:

3V3 load share for TP4056 v1.1


Order from OSH Park

Upgrade for cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger board