Orthrus: secure two-card storage

From Nick Sayer on Hackaday.io:


Orthrus: SD card secure RAID USB storage

This project is a hardware mechanism to provide secure “two man control” over a data store. It is a USB microSD card reader, but it requires two cards. The data is striped in the style of RAID 0, but the data is also encrypted with a key that is stored in a key storage block on each card. In essence, each card is useless without the other. With possession of both cards, the data is available without restriction, but with only one, the remaining data is completely opaque.

This allows you to securely transport a data set by writing it onto a pair of cards and separately transporting them to a destination for recombination.

The intent is that only the pairing of two cards becomes in any way special. A card pair could be inserted in any Orthrus device and the data would be made available. But with only one card, all you get is half of the data encrypted with a key which you only half-possess.

The firmware source code is available on GitHub:



The assembled board is available on Tindie:

Screenshot from 2017-05-05 18-25-42

Orthrus: secure two-card storage

USB-C PD Buddy Sink

From Clayton G. Hobbs on Hackaday.io:


PD Buddy Sink

USB Power Delivery for everyone

USB Power Delivery is a cool standard for getting lots of power—up to 100 W—from a USB Type-C port. Being an open standard for supplying enough power to charge phones, laptops, and just about anything else under the sun, USB PD is poised to greatly reduce the amount of e-waste produced worldwide from obsolete proprietary chargers. Unfortunately, like all USB standards, it’s quite complex, putting it out of reach of the average electronics hobbyist.

PD Buddy Sink solves this problem, letting any hacker or maker use USB PD in their projects. Think of it as a smart power jack. To use it, first configure a voltage and current via the USB configuration interface. Then whenever the Sink is plugged in to a USB PD power supply, it negotiates the power your project needs and provides it on the output connector.

The KiCad design files are available on his website:


USB-C PD Buddy Sink

3D Printed USB Connector

chmod775 on Hackaday.io designed this simple 3D Printed USB Connector compatible with PCBs from OSH Park:


3D Printed USB Connector

I’ve made this 3D USB Connector because I want to remove the chunky and complex standard metal USB Connector from my new upcoming project.
The design it’s made to be simple and with the height reference from the OSHP ark PCB’s.

 Screenshot from 2017-04-12 21-44-59
3D Printed USB Connector

USB Interruptor

Teensy creator Paul Stoffregen designed this board to momentarily disconnect a USB device:


USB Interruptor

This simple board plugs inline with a USB cable. It always passes the 5V power and normally passes the USB data signals. But when you press the button, the USB data signals are momentarily disconnected.
For the last few months I’ve been developing a USB Host Library for powerful but complex EHCI USB port in Teensy 3.6 [..] Reaching over to physically unplug the USB cable gets old quickly! Really, really old, both hands off my keyboard… right when trying to focus [..]  I made this handy little board with a proper USB 2.0 high speed mux chip. The control signal is just 3.3V logic, so I might even wire it up to something to automate the process.
PaulStoffregen has shared the board on OSH Park:

USB Interruptor

Order from OSH Park

USB Interruptor

Prototype of USB DAC + Headphone Amp

News from the USB DAC + Headphone Amp project by Yin Zhong (summivox):


First Complete Prototype

In the interim update post I posted the plan for integration into 2 boards: A 2-layer power board, and a 4-layer main board. Actually I have had a good copy of the main board for quite a while: Story for the power board is not as good though. In the beginning I screwed up on […]

Prototype of USB DAC + Headphone Amp

XMOS-based USB to I2S bridge

An update from the USB DAC + Headphone Amp project by Yin Zhong (summivox):

USB Interface

Months into the project and I was still amazed at the lack of availability of a class of ASICs: USB-I2S bridges. Well I just lied — if you are fine with USB 1.1 and USB Audio Class (UAC) 1.0, which severely limits your (bit depth × resolution × channel count)


So I kept looking for ASICs, and I found one that is close enough: XMOS XHRA-2HPA. It even comes with a reference design that does exactly what I want!

summivox has shared the board on OSH Park:

20161229-1609 headphone-USB-v2.0.zip

Order from OSH Park

XMOS-based USB to I2S bridge