Ladder board for simple Automation

chmod775 designed this compact, standalone board to be programmed with a simple visual language:270681483106954815.jpg


Focus born with the purpose of making a prototype board that simplify every aspect of programming.

Spent the last hour writing down the main concept of the Visual Programming Language for the Focus!  It’s just a simple sketch, but I wanted to share it with you the main reason why I’m building it.

Ladder board for simple Automation

Vertically Mounted Arduino-Compatible Board

Clovis Fritzen designed this Arduino-compatible, vertically-mountable board that exclusively uses through-hole components:


Vertically mounted Arduino for Breadboard

I personally love the concept of electronic boards connected in “slots” (vertically attached to a horizontal board), like most industrial-grade PLC’s or even our desktop’s expansion cards (video, sound memory): it saves a lot of space and adds more functions to the system, all at once!


The PCB is for sale on Tindie:


Vertically mountable Arduino – PCB only

This is an Arduno-Nano compatible controller that can be vertically mounted to bredboards and boards


Vertically Mounted Arduino-Compatible Board

OnChip Open-V Arduino Compatibility

OnChip has posted a Crowd Supply update on their plans for Arduino compatibility:


Open-V Arduino Compatibility

Arduino compatibility can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, so we’ll try to be as concrete and specific as possible. For the Open-V, Arduino development tools, and interoperating on a hardware level with existing Arduino shields.


We’ve updated our live, web-streamed demos to include an Arduino mode in addition to the assembler and C modes we already have. You might also notice the relatively new Blockly modes and a refined layout of the demo page. Go write some code and see the results live streamed!

Screenshot at 2017-02-12 20-18-49.png

OnChip Open-V Arduino Compatibility

$3 Tinusaur board on IndieGoGo

Neven Boyanov has launched a new Tinusaur campaign on IndieGoGo:

Learn, Teach and Make with the Tinusaur

Small microcontroller board that could run Arduino and help you learn, teach others and make things


The Tinusaur is powered by the Atmel ATtiny85 microcontroller.

We want to bring the cost down to $3 for the basic “lite” boards
and allow more people to be able to get them.

$3 Tinusaur board on IndieGoGo

Learn, Teach and Make with the Tinusaur

Last week we’ve launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and, as of a few minutes ago, we’ve reached 1/3-rd of our goal already. In case you’re not familiar what the Tinusaur project is about … A small board with a tiny chip on it that comes as an assembly kit – a small package with parts and you […]

via Indiegogo Campaign is Almost Halfway Through — The Tinusaur

Learn, Teach and Make with the Tinusaur

Cypress FX2LP High-Speed USB Controller

Yin Zhong designed this dev board for Cypress FX2LP™ microcontroller:


μ-68013: a High Speed USB2.0 MCU breakout

Cypress’s FX2LP (CY7C6801x) is one of the smallest footprint MCUs that offer a high-speed USB (480 Mbit/s) device peripheral with built-in PHY (many others lack the PHY!). It contains a 8051 core for bookkeeping and setting up data streams through its hardware multiplexed parallel FIFO interface to/from an external processor, be it MCU, DSP, or FPGA/CPLD.

This is a breadboard-friendly minimal system PCB for CY7C68013 in QFN56 package. It integrates 3.3 V power supply, core clock, reset circuit/button, and I2C EEPROM (the MCU does not have built-in flash). It breaks out all IO pins through 2 rows x 20 pins 0.1″ pitch headers with 0.7″ row spacing.

summivox has shared the board on OSH Park:


3ff564ec93a66d415384b740fe7db92f.png Order from OSH Park

Cypress FX2LP High-Speed USB Controller

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light

DanR has shared this motion sensing night light board:


ATtiny45 motion sensing night light V1.2 D

This light is powered by an ATtiny45/85 which powers on the 14 LED lights when motion is sensed and it is in a dark room. The light sensor on the board will not allow the lights to come on if it is in a reasonably lit room.

It is fitted with a barrel plug for power, this model specifically with an L7805CV voltage regulator.

Order from OSH Park

ATtiny45 motion sensing night light