STM32F303 + ice5 Development Board

Eric Brombaugh designed this board which pairs ARM Cortex M4 processor with a Lattice FPGA:


STM32F303 + ice5 Development Board

USB, Micro SD, PMOD and GPIO interfaces allow development of complex projects in control and signal processing.

Schematic Diagram


  • STM32F303CCT6 microcontroller:
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F CPU rated for 72MHz clock
    • 48kB SRAM, 256kB Flash
    • 10 Timers
    • 3x SPI, 2x I2S, 2x I2C, 3x USART
    • 1x CAN, 1x USB Device
    • 37 GPIO pins (20 5V tolerant)
    • 4x 12-bit SAR ADC, 2x 12-bit DACs
    • 7 Analog Comparators, 4 Op-Amps
  • Lattice iCE5LP4K-SG48 FPGA:
    • 3520 LUTs
    • 4 Multiplier/Accumulate blocks
    • 20x 4kb RAMs
    • OTP Non-volatile configuration memory
    • 1 PLL, 2x I2C cores, 2x SPI cores

The microcontroller firmware and FPGA hardware source is hosted on GitHub:

github emeb/f303_ice5


emeb has shared the board on OSH Park:



Order from OSH Park

STM32F303 + ice5 Development Board

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