Smart Living Room with NodeMCU

MobileWill revamped his living room monitor with a new board design:


Living Room Node Upgrade

For over a year now the living room node and La Crosse Gateway has been sitting atop a plastic bin next to my patio slider in a mess of wires.  This is when you know you have too many projects lying around the house.  So this summer I decided to design a PCB with a nodeMCU that will replace both projects and mount atop of a power brick. I went with the nodeMCU since there is power nearby, ease of connecting directly to the MQTT broker, and I can broadcast more often without the power limitations of a battery. This project frees up two RFM12B boards so that they can be used for the other window and the front door.

The new board features:

  • 2x female headers (so the nodeMCU is removable)
  • DHT11 sensor for humidity/temperature
  • LDR for light level
  • 2pin header for reed switch attached to slider door
  • Connections for 433Mhz radio for the La Crosse outdoor temperature sensor
Design files and code are available on GitHub:

github friedcircuits/nodeSensor


Smart Living Room with NodeMCU

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