Teensy to Arduino adapter board

OSH Park engineer Dan Sheadel created this board to break out Teensy 3.x into a form factor suitable for small electronics prototyping:

Screenshot from 2016-09-29 02-24-20.png

  • Adapts Teensy pinout to Arduino shield, so existing shields can be fit to a Teensy
  • Adds LiPo battery monitoring and charging capability
  • Adds three wire pinouts for all pins
  • All PWM outputs have an LED
  • All PWM outputs connect to 3 wire servo headers that supply input or battery voltage for use with servos or motor controllers
  • Contains small Stormy logo on back since the Stormbots were the inspiration for this board’s existence



Due to the nature of the breakout, many components can be omitted depending on the needed sections.


Part Quantity Description Part Number
Teensy 1 Teensy Microcontroller OSH Park or Adafruit or
PCB 1 Bare PCB OSH Park
LED 11 0603 or 0805 LED any
1uF cap 2 0603 or 0805 cap any
0.1uF cap 4 0603 or 0805 LED any
10uF cap 2 0603 or 0805 cap any
LiPO Battery 4 Any with JST connector Adafruit
JST Battery Connector 4 JST-PH-2-THM-RA
MCP73871 2 LiPO Battery Management IC MCP73871
MCP1703 2 3.3V voltage regulator MCP1703
Large (100uF+ cap) 2 0603 or larger any

Pin Connections

The various use cases may or may not require some or all of these pins. Here’s the most you can solder to the board in the simplest orientation

Most of these can be swapped, omitted, or assembled with small 1×3 connectors or whatever you have on hand. Otherwise, they can be purchased at Digikey or Adafruit

Part Quantity Description
Arduino Sockets 2 0.1″ 1×8 F socket
Arduino Sockets 2 0.1″ 1×6 F socket
3 wire output headers 2 0.1″ 3×8 M Angle Pins
3 wire output headers 1 0.1″ 3×6 M Angle Pins
Servo output headers 2 0.1″ 3×3 M 90 degree Pins
Servo output headers 1 0.1″ 3×4 M 90 degree Pins
Teensy to Arduino adapter board

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