Teardown: a new hardware conference by CrowdSupply

CrowdSupply is organizing a new hardware con named Teardown in Portland on the weekend of May 11th – 13th:


Teardown 2018

A party for hacking, discovering, and sharing hardware

Teardown is an event put on by Crowd Supply in association with Make+Think+Code @ PNCA. You can think of Teardown as live-action Crowd Supply, but with fewer cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. We’ll be bringing together hardware aficionados from around the world to celebrate, inspect, create, and, of course, tear down hardware.

There will be long-time Crowd Supply creators and backers, as well as people we’re meeting for the first time. There will be hardware, art, food, drink, puzzles, workshops, tutorials, talks, music, field trips, and friends. Most of all, there will be ideas and projects to explore and inspire. We hope you’ll be there too!

Latest update: Andrew “bunnie” Huang to keynote Teardown

Please considering submitting a proposal like a talk, workshop, demo or installation:

Teardown 2018: Call for proposals

Screenshot from 2018-04-03 12-09-36

Teardown: a new hardware conference by CrowdSupply

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