CircuitBrains Deluxe coming to Crowd Supply

The CircuitBrains Deluxe, a CircuitPython-compatible ARM Cortex-M4 module, by Kevin Neubauer is coming to Crowd Supply:


CircuitBrains Deluxe

CircuitBrains Deluxe is a 1 in² ARM Cortex-M4 module with castellated edges and through holes. This configuration allows you to design a CircuitPython project without having to worry about complex microcontroller board layout, flash storage, bootloader, or firmware. “Just add solder”. It’s even small enough for wearables.



  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATSAMD51J19 Microcontroller (32-bit ARM Cortex-M4)
    • 120 MHz
    • 192 KB SRAM
    • 512 KB flash
  • Memory: 8 MB SPI flash on module
  • Power: Onboard 3.3 V LDO regulator
  • I/O
    • Dedicated breakouts for SPI and I²C
    • 13 analog I/O broken out
    • 19 digital I/O broken out
  • Form-factor:
    • Castellated edges for direct PCB mounting
    • 29 x 29 x 3.5 millimeters / 1.15 x 1.15 x 0.15 inches
  • Indication: Power and status LEDs


CircuitBrains Deluxe coming to Crowd Supply

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