Hackaday: classes, events, and how you can help

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From the Hackaday newsletter:


It’s a time of great stress and uncertainty. We are grateful for all of you who have contributed to the global effort so far. Let’s stick together so we stay healthy and hang out in the real life on the other side of all of this.

With that in mind, we’ve started a calendar of events and classes. If you’d like to teach a class, host a show and tell, or help to organize our climate change summit, respond directly to this email and we’ll help you get set up.

Upcoming: Show and tell, dance party, DIY Strandbeest Q&A, Quantum computing classes. If you have something set up on your own channel you’d like us to add, let us know!

Many of you want to help: with 3D printers at home and manufacturing expertise, this community is in a position to help out those on the front lines.

There are so many Covid-related projects around the web it’s difficult to know where best to put your efforts. We’ve started a doc (right now, today!) that aims to list all the slack channels, Discords, Hackaday.io projects in the world to help you connect.

So many of the really important jobs are the ones that can’t be done remotely, we salute you medical staff, sanitation workers, delivery folks, and all the many others keeping our world running.

With love, ~Hackaday

Hackaday: classes, events, and how you can help

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