Breakout board for 8×12 analog cross-point switch

J. Ian Lindsay of  Manuvr Breakouts has designed this breakout board for Analog Devices’ 8×12 analog cross-point switch:


ADG2128 Breakout

The ADG2128 is an incredibly flexible cross-point switch. It supports 5/-5v, 3.4MHz i2c, and is unrestricted as to its connectivity options between its rows and columns.

This is a high-dollar part, and I’ve been designing with it for more than 5 years. So I polished my breakout board to reuse them during a project’s prototyping phase.

This board has decoupling capacitors adequate to handle the whole analog voltage range, i2c address selection jumpers, and differentiated ground layers for noise isolation or differential operation below 0v, according to the project’s demands.


Breakout board for 8×12 analog cross-point switch

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