KiCad 3D Viewer can now render “After Dark”

Thanks to KiCad developer Mario Luzeiro for enabling our “After Dark” service to be rendered, which features clear solder mask on black fiberglass:

Development Highlight: 3D Viewer Improvements

The KiCad 3D Viewer has seen a few incremental improvements during the course of V6 development:

Plated and Non-Plated Copper

A subtle change has been made in MR#405 by Mario Luzeiro that affects how copper is rendered. The visual difference between plated copper pads and non-plated copper pads will now be visible as well as copper in general.

This image shows a ENIG plated copper hole compared to the surrounding copper traces when the soldermask was turned off.

KiCad 3D Viewer can now render “After Dark”

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