Importing Eagle files into KiCad 5.1

New KiCad video from Chris Gammell of Contextual Electronics:

Importing Eagle files into KiCad 5.1

In this video, Chris imports the adafruit Feather M4 Express board Eagle files (which is OSHW) into KiCad 5.1.

Here are some of the pitfalls of importing into KiCad.

  • Flags get converted into (tiny!) labels that might not be clear.
  • The frame in schematics is gone. Not a big deal, but will look different than other KiCad projects.
  • Some silkscreen layers will not map as expected.
  • All footprints are imported from Eagle, since KiCad doesn’t know how to map existing footprints. This means that none of the 3D models are included.
Importing Eagle files into KiCad 5.1

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