5×10 PixelLeaf RGB Matrix

Add RGB light to your project with this PixelLeaf display from Oak Dev Tech on Tindie:

5×10 PixelLeaf RGB Matrix – SK6812mini RGB Matrix

What is it?

A small but bright RGB matrix sized at 5×10 to provide a nice wide matrix for your project. Compatible with Adafruit NeoPixel libraries and FastLED. This is made with the SK6812mini meaning you can rest assured that the display will remain bright even if there is fluctuations in supply voltage.

Why did you make it?

I thought it would be fun to make an RGB matrix display for small projects where standard displays might not fit right.

What makes it special?

It’s 1:2 ratio makes it perfect for long format projects that don’t need square displays, but ones that would be better for scrolling or smaller form factors.

5×10 PixelLeaf RGB Matrix

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