Designing a custom Trill flex sensor

Exciting announcement from the Bela team about a new flexible version of the Trill touch sensor:

Designing a custom flex sensor

Trill Flex brings flexible touch sensing to your maker projects. Trill Flex comes with a one-axis multitouch sensor printed on flexible PCB, but we designed this sensor to be detachable so you can create entirely custom sensors perfectly suited to your own projects.

In this tutorial we will create a custom 30-button flexible touchpad. You will learn how to set up a KiCad project and include the Trill design files, draw the pads, add a ground plane, and get your design ready to be printed. (Every purchase of Trill Flex comes with a unique discount code for $20 off flex PCB printing with our friends at

Trill Flex is available now on the Bela shop

Designing a custom Trill flex sensor

Learn audio programming with Bela

Bela is a real-time audio processing platform based on the BeagleBone. This course is a deep dive into how Bela processes data, and how to implement real-time audio and interaction:

Learn C++ Real-Time Audio Programming with Bela

Our YouTube course, C++ Audio Programming with Bela, started in Spring 2020 when the world went into lockdown and we wanted to create something to help people learn at home. This popular, in-depth course is great for newcomers to C++ and audio programming, as well as people who want to brush up on their skills.

In this series Bela founder Andrew McPherson takes you through the basics of digital audio and real-time programming, with hands-on examples and clear, accessible explanations, giving you skills you can use. The course is free and open to all.

Andrew took a summer hiatus after more than a dozen videos, and we are happy to announce that he’s back and creating new lectures! Lecture 14 on audio envelopes and ADSR is out now.

Learn audio programming with Bela