Ever listened to your muscles?

The BioAmp by Upside Down Labs can help! The project is open source hardware and the design files are available at upsidedownlabs/BioAmp_v1.5:

BioAmp v1.5 is a single chip Bio-potential amplifier for recording any Bio-potential signal non-invasively. It’s compatible with Backyard Brains Spike Recorder, which you can use to record and visualize all the Bio-potential signals.

Originally tweeted by Upside Down Labs (@myupsidedownlab) on March 17, 2021.

Ever listened to your muscles?

Listen to your muscles!

Upside Down Labs has this neat kit on Tindie that lets you listen to your muscles!

BioAmp v1.5 kit

BioAmp v1.5 is a single chip biopotential amplifier. It can record any biopotential signal non-invasively and doesn’t require any microcontroller to sample the signal. You just plug 9v Battery to board, Electrodes to body and Audio jack to Mobile/Laptop and you are ready to record signals like EMG, ECG, EOG, and EEG. You can record the signals on a pc using audacity OR on mobile using Backyard Brain’s spike recorder app.

Listen to your muscles!

Biomed Shield for Arduino 101

From Orlando Hoilett of Calvary Engineering on Hackaday.io:


Biomed Shield for Arduino 101

A sweet Arduino shield with a ton of cool sensors for physiological parameters such as heart rate and breathing rate

The features include:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring with the MAX30101
  • Pulse Oximeter with the MAX30101
  • Electrocardiogram, Electromyogram, and Electrooculogram with our Super Simple EXG Circuit
  • Bioimpedance with the AD5934
  • Body Temperature with the MLX90614
  • Ambient Light with a CdS Photocell
  • Ambient Temperature with a Thermistor

The design files and source code are available on GitHub:


Biomed Shield for Arduino 101