The Amazing Hacks Of World Create Day

For this year’s Hackaday Prize, we started an amazing experiment. World Create Day organized hundreds of hackerspaces around the world to come together and Build Hope for the future. This was an experiment to bring community shops and workspaces together to prototype their entries for the Hackaday Prize, and boy was it a success. We had hackerspaces…

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The Amazing Hacks Of World Create Day

World Create Day in Portland this Saturday

Screenshot from 2018-03-15 11-56-33.pngHackaday World Create Day is this Saturday, March 17th, in many cities around the world including Portland at Ctrl-H PDX Hackerspace:

World Create Day @ ^H PDX Hackerspace

Saturday, Mar 17, 2018, 12:00 PM

CTRLH – PDX Hackerspace
7608 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR

6 Hackers Attending

• What we’ll do Portland Hardware Hackers converge on ^H PDX Hackerspace for a day of making things of all sorts, especially Hackaday Prize entries! World Create Day is a day for you to work on your own project, start a new project, and collaborate with others in your community simultaneously with people all over the world. ONE BIG DAY OF CREATION….

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World Create Day in Portland this Saturday