ESP8266 Flight Controller


Kris Winer of Pesky Products designed a brushed motor UAV flight controller using the ESP8266:

ESP8266 Flight Controller

UAV flight controller [..] using the ESP8266EX Tensilica Xtensa system-on-chip, the EM7180+MPU9250+MS5637 (Ultimate Sensor Fusion Solution) for motion sensing and low on-resistance (20 mOhm) n-type DMN2041L MOSFets to drive up to four brushed motors using PWM signals

PeskyProducts has shared the board on OSH Park:



Order from OSH Park

ESP8266 Flight Controller

3 thoughts on “ESP8266 Flight Controller

  1. Nice. I have 2 questions:

    1. If I have understand well, it is provided without software; except someone will ask fot it, but only if it is purchased? In that case, will it be open source?

    2. (silly question) In demo videos, it is everything driven using bluetooth? In that case, is it used a dedicated app?


  2. We use the embedded wifi of the ESP8266, not BLE, to control the UAV. We wrote the flight control software and ESP8266 firmware (Aruino sketches) ourselves and we have given it to people who have purchased the boards from us. But we have removed these boards from the public domain since there were too few Tindie sales and there are many expressions of commercial interest.


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