E-Paper Breakout Board for Teensy

Breakout board designed in KiCad to connect Pervasive Displays 2.15″ E-Paper (E2215CS062) to Teensy 3.2 or Teensy LC. Based Teensy E-Paper Shield by Jarek Lupinski in EAGLE.

My goal is to create a name badge I can wear at conferences and Maker Faires. This was first step to verify the KiCad schematic and KiCad footprints work. I will post more information as the badge project progresses.


KiCad PCB design files:

The board is shared on OSH Park:

E-Paper Breakout Board for Teensy


Order from OSH Park

Bill of Materials (BoM)


Source Code

  • uses EPD215 Arduino Library by Jarek Lupinski for his E-paper Teensy Shield
  • requires pinout modification:



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E-Paper Breakout Board for Teensy

Teensy E-Paper shield


Jarek Lupinski created a Teensy 3.x shield for e-paper displays:

Teensy E-Paper Adapter Board

E-Paper is not a simple display to drive. With manual temperature compensation, onboard power regulation requiring external capacitors, and setting up a step-up circuit, there are many factors to consider when working with this display, with the large benefit of not requiring any power to maintain its image once written.

Screenshot from 2016-08-26 20-30-31.png

I have created the simplest possible circuit necessary to drive the Pervasive Displays E2215CS062 , available from your favorite distributor. Certain parts from the reference design were substituted with US-available equivalents with assistance from the Pervasive Displays engineering team.


Teensy E-Paper shield