Tindie Seller Interview: Jakub Polonský and His “MightyWatt” Load


Jakub Polonský and His “MightyWatt” Load

There are people of diverse backgrounds selling on Tindie, but as far as I know, Jakub Polonský is the only one here with a PhD in electrochemistry. Though this gave him a good background in testing of electronic quantities for electrochemical systems, as far as designing electronics, he’s self taught. He graduated in 2012, but started with Arduino boards in 2010, allowing him to use this versatile tool for research purposes.

Check out our previous blog post for more information on the project:

The MightyWatt: a 70W Electronic Load Kit


Tindie Seller Interview: Jakub Polonský and His “MightyWatt” Load

Servo Shield for OpenMV

Radomir Dopieralski created this PCA9685-based servo shield for the OpenMV machine vision board:

Servo Shield for OpenMV

OpenMV has a couple of pins that you can use for connecting servos (for example, if you want to mount it on a pan-and-tilt base), but you can’t use those if you also want to use the WiFi shield or any other shield that uses up a lot of pins. Practically the only pins left to use are the I²C ones

deshipu has shared the board on OSH Park:

OpenMV Servo Shield

Order from OSH Park

Servo Shield for OpenMV

The MightyWatt: a 70W Electronic Load Kit

of Kaktus Circuits created this programmable electronic load that sits on top of an Arduino:


The MightyWatt: a 70W Electronic Load Kit

Electronic loads are used to draw power from a source at either a constant current or a constant voltage. This comes in useful for things like battery discharge testing or making sure that PCB you designed can actually power those motors without releasing the all important magic smoke.

The kit is sold on Tindie:


MightyWatt turns your Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Zero (M0/M0 Pro) or Arduino Due into an electronic load capable of dissipating 70 Watts in a very small form factor. Ideal for testing power supplies, batteries, fuel cells or power amplifiers.

Design files and source are shared on GitHub:


The MightyWatt: a 70W Electronic Load Kit