Piotr Esden designs iCEBreaker-bitsy FPGA Atreus Keyboard

Piotr Esden showed the “After Dark” PCBs for the iCEBreaker-bitsy FPGA Atreus Keyboard yesterday on the “Electronics Let’s Play” Twitch stream:

Piotr Esden designs iCEBreaker-bitsy FPGA Atreus Keyboard

iCEBreaker FPGA: new video streams and new content

An update from our Dorkbot PDX friend, Piotr Esden:

iCEBreaker FPGA: new video streams and new content

iCEBreaker Production

As you read inĀ our last update in November, we finished fulfilling the campaign, but that does not mean work on iCEBreaker has stopped. We keep producing iCEBreakers and Pmods to keepĀ 1BitSquared USĀ andĀ 1BitSquared DE, as well asĀ Crowd SupplyĀ andĀ Mouser, stocked.

For those of you who are patiently waiting for your shipments, donā€™t worry. A package with additional inventory is going out to theĀ Mouser warehouseĀ today!

Continuing Work on iCEBreaker

We are continuing work on new examples and additional iCEBreaker hardware. If you are not followingĀ 1BitSquaredĀ orĀ PiotrĀ on Twitter, you might have missed some stuff that Piotr is working on. Since January, Piotr startedĀ streaming on TwitchĀ on a fairly regular basis. You canĀ follow him on TwitchĀ and be notified every time he goes live. Piotr is also announcing upcoming streams at least a day in advance onĀ TwitterĀ as well as on theĀ 1BitSquared Patreon page.

As a result of theĀ Twitch streams, weā€™ve had a few interesting new developments for the iCEBreaker platform. A few weeks ago, we publishedĀ Litex RISC-V SOC generation examplesĀ that you can find in theĀ iCEBreaker GitHub Organization. Piotr gave aĀ Twitch stream presentationĀ about the build system and how to use it. You can watch the streamĀ Archive on Twitch,Ā diode.zone, andĀ YouTube. This example gives you the foundation to create your own SOC for the iCEBreaker, start adding your custom hardware to the RISC-V core, and program it in C orĀ Rust. We are also working onĀ MicroPythonĀ and maybe evenĀ CircuitPythonĀ support in the not too distant future.

Upcoming Twitch Stream

Piotr has scheduled aĀ Twitch Stream for Tuesday, April 13th, 2020 at noon PDT. He will be working on a new PmodĀ for the iCEBreaker that will allow us to connect NES or SNES controllers from two very popular 8-bit game entertainment systems. šŸ˜‰ That same Pmod will also contain a stereo audio output. This Pmod together with a DVI output, LED Panel output or VGA output will be an ideal combination to recreate old or build new custom game consoles and a wide range of emulations, for entertainment, preservation, and education.


If you are curious when the stream will happen in your timezone you can eitherĀ check on Twitch itself, as there is a countdown timer till the next stream below the video streaming window, or you can checkĀ timeanddate.com.

Keep Supporting our iCEBreaker work

If you like to see continuing work and content creation for the iCEBreaker platform, and you already have all the hardware you need, then consider supporting us throughĀ Patreon. We keep adding perks for Patrons, like KiCad panel templates and behind the scenes news. We have a few very generous supporters that make theĀ Twitch streamsĀ possible, but any additional support is appreciated.

Stay in Touch

And donā€™t forget, the continuing development and support for iCEBreaker keeps on rolling on theĀ 1BitSquared Discord server, andĀ iCEBreaker forum! So join the fun and show off your iCEBreaker projects! šŸ™‚

Stay safe and healthy,
Piotr and Danika

iCEBreaker FPGA: new video streams and new content

Join two KiCad livestreams TODAY

Screenshot from 2020-04-01 16-17-56

At 9:00 AM US PDT today, April 1st, KiCad leader developer Seth Hillbrand will be hosting a KiCad Community meetup video conference on Jisti Meet:

Last weekā€™s meetup was nice to see and talk with other KiCad users. Letā€™s do it again this week.

This week, Iā€™m happy to answer questions and Iā€™ll be working through designing a KiCad version of the Medtronic OpenVentilator project (http://www.medtronic.com/openventilatorĀ 5). You may have heard that Medtronic (a multi-billion $ company) bought the company thatĀ cancelled the original govā€™t contractĀ 2Ā for low-cost ventilators in 2015 and then this weekĀ released a ā€œkind ofā€ open source versionĀ 3Ā of their current (not low-cost) ventilator.

In reality, they released scans of the schematics and some word documents for bring-up procedures. Iā€™m going to see if we can turn the scans into a set of useful KiCad schematics + board files. This still doesnā€™t get to whatā€™s needed to actually recreate more of these ventilators but it is a needed first step.

If you are curious about recreating designs from incomplete schematics, reverse engineering in KiCad or just want to hang out and chat, please stop by.

Then at 12:00 PM US PDT, Piotr Esden will livestream KiCad board layout:

Electronics Let’s Play – iCEBreaker-bitsy update/design work Ep. 3

Screenshot from 2020-04-01 16-15-10

Join two KiCad livestreams TODAY