Embedded.fm podcast with Adam Wolf

Great new episode of the Embedded.fm podcast:


Embedded.fm 324: I’ll Let You Name Your Baby

Adam Wolf (@adamwwolf) of Wayne and Layne (www.wayneandlayne.com) spoke with us about making kits, museum exhibit engineering, working on KiCad, and extraterrestrial art philosophy.

Adam has a personal blog on www.feelslikeburning.com/blog/ as well as a website adamwolf.org. Adam co-wrote Make: Lego and Arduino Projects

If you want to know how to contribute to KiCad libraries, check out their instruction page: kicad-pcb.org/libraries/contribute/

We also mentioned:


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Embedded.fm podcast with Adam Wolf

The Amp Hour podcast: Keyzermas Vacation

Episode #472 – Keyzermas Vacation

Jeff Keyzer of Mightyohm.com joins Chris and Dave to talk about learning 3D CAD, attending a wide range of conferences, long lead time components, and plans for learning in the new year.

Hip hip hooray for Keyzermas Vacation!

  • Jeff has been attending a lot of events in 2019
  • Jeff is no longer at Valve, since February of 2019.
  • He’s been spending his time learning Solidworks and updating his Altium knowledge/license.
The Amp Hour podcast: Keyzermas Vacation

Interview with Matt Berggren of Autodesk on EAGLE and more

The wonderful electronics podcast The Amp Hour recently interviewed  Matt Berggren of Autodesk about EAGLE and more:

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#471 – An Interview with Matt Berggren


Interview with Matt Berggren of Autodesk on EAGLE and more

Hackaday Podcast: 2018 Year In Review

Did you read all 3000+ articles published on Hackaday this year? We did. And to help catch you up, we preset the Hackaday 2018 Year in Review podcast!

Join us for the podcast, available on all major podcasting platforms, as Editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams attempt the impossible task of distilling the entire year into a one hour discussion. We’ve included every story mentioned in the podcast, and a few more, in the show notes here. But since we can’t possibly mention every awesome hack, we encourage you to share your favorites, and pat the writers on the back, by leaving a comment below.

via Hackaday Podcast: 2018 Year In Review — Hackaday


The Amp Hour podcast with guest Andrew Sowa

Electrical engineer and PCB designer Andrew Sowa recently joined Chris Gammell on The Amp Hour podcast:

Episode #386 – An Interview with Andrew Sowa

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The Amp Hour podcast with guest Andrew Sowa

Reverse Engineering Meetup this Wednesday

Tutorials, projects, and mingle

Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018, 7:00 PM

Giovanni’s New York Pizzeria
1127 Lawrence Expressway Sunnyvale, CA

31 Hardware ninjas Attending

We have the side room (ie including TV) reserved for talks (last month we were unable to reserve it). So the unfortunate confusion last month should be avoided. I have a handful of tentative talks, will hopefully finalize schedule soon. Possible topics include gaming, radare2, and more. 7:00-7:10: mingle 7:10-7:50: ” Reverse Engineering Midway Zeus…

Check out this Meetup →

We have the side room (ie including TV) reserved for talks.

7:00-7:10: mingle

7:10-7:50: “Reverse Engineering Midway Zeus” by Philip B

7:50:-8:00: mingle

8:00-8:20: “Using open source tools to reverse engineer and modify UEFI bioses” by Matt M

8:20-9:00: mingle

We first learned of this meetup from the Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast hosted by Jen Costillo and Alvaro Prieto.  Check out the latest episode:
Reverse Engineering Meetup this Wednesday

1bitsy and Black Magic Probe on embedded.fm

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Piotr Esden-Tempski and Gareth McMullin joined the embedded.fm podcast to talk about their Black Magic Probe and 1bitsy projects:

Episode 180: Chickens in Helmets

They discussed their current Kickstarter campaign:slideshow_1

Design files and source code for both projects is available on GitHub:

8303676 blacksphere

In application debugger for ARM Cortex microcontrollers.


Open Source JTAG enabled ARM development platform

You can also ask questions on Black Magic’s Gitter channel.

1bitsy and Black Magic Probe on embedded.fm

The Spark Gap talks Open Hardware Summit


We’re big fans of podcasts about electronics and embedded systems like The Amp Hourembedded.fm and The Spark Gap podcast.   (Please let us know in the comments of other shows we should check out)

In the latest Spark Gap episode, Karl and Corey talk about their trip to Portland for the 2016 Open Hardware Summit:

The Spark Gap Podcast – Episode 49


Our favorite past episodes include the two-episode discussion of PCB design:

We also enjoyed when Karl and Corey were joined by James Lewis of Kemet Electronics to talk about capacitors.

The Spark Gap talks Open Hardware Summit