Learn to Surface Mount Solder with Sean Hodgins

Sean Hodgins has a great tutorial on surface mount soldering:


Learn to Surface Mount Solder Using an SMD Challenge PCB

I feel like surface mount soldering has a bad reputation. It can seem daunting to someone who has never tried it. Since a lot of my project involve using surface mount components, I thought it would be a good idea to make something to inspire people to try it out (without risking expensive components or their custom project).


Decide how you want to assemble your SMD Challenge Kit (re, the video) you can choose to use a soldering iron, or a reflow oven. They take about the same amount of time but using the soldering iron can be a little more challenging and doesn’t require a cheap toaster oven. 




Learn to Surface Mount Solder with Sean Hodgins

Design a Raspberry Pi add-on board with KiCad


Learn how to design a simple add-on board for Raspberry Pi with KiCad in 20 minutes with this new tutorial from Chris Gammell of Contextual Electronics:

Screenshot from 2017-06-05 00-24-15.png

Shine On You Crazy KiCad

This course shows how to make a custom but very simple piece of electronics for the Raspberry Pi platform. The primary purpose is to get users building something in KiCad as fast as possible.

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Shine on, you crazy KiCad

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The free course contains four videos:

Designing a PCB in KiCad in 20 minutes

Buying Components

Assembling a simple circuit board with SMD components

Writing code, blinking an LED with a Raspberry Pi

ChrisGammell has shared the board on OSH Park:


Order from OSH Park

Design a Raspberry Pi add-on board with KiCad