Flexible PCB customer project


We recently shipped our first Flex PCB orders to customers, and we were very excited to see Benjamin (kilobyte_ch) using a flexible PCB in this project!

Flexible PCB customer project

Want to try flex?

UPDATE 2018-01-03:

We are still testing our flex process. We just sent our second round off to fab this week.

The previous round was delivered to folks starting Hackaday Supercon weekend back in November 2017. Here some more information:

Flex Beta Service Info + FAQ

We were pleased to see Trammell Hudson’s creative Catalan design:


Screenshot from 2018-01-05 10-06-52

For more information, please email: [email protected]


We’re looking for a variety of flex designs to test.  The specs will be the same as our normal 2 layer service but on Kapton:

  • 6 mil minimum trace width
  • 6 mil minimum trace spacing
  • 10 mil minimum drill
  • 5 mil annular ring

Please send us an email with “flex” in the subject: [email protected]

Want to try flex?