Chronio DIY Watch

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Chronio DIY Watch: Slick and Low Power

[Max K] has been testing the battery life of his self-designed watch under real-world conditions. Six months later, the nominally 3 V, 160 mAh CR2025 cell is reading 2.85 V, so the end is near, but that’s quite a feat for a home-engineered smart watch

Chronio DIY Watch

Chronio: Arduino-based, low-power smartwatch

Max.K designed this low-power,  Arduino-based smartwatch:



Arduino-based 3D-printed Watch. By not including fancy Wifi and BLE connectivity, it gets several months of run time out of a 160mAh button cell. The display is an always-on 96×96 pixel Sharp Memory LCD.


  • Microcontroller: Atmega328p with Arduino bootloader
  • Real Time Clock: Maxim DS3231 (<2min per year deviation)
  • Display: 96×96 pixel Sharp Memory LCD (LS013B4DN04)
  • Battery: CR2025 160mAh coin cell


Chronio: Arduino-based, low-power smartwatch

SHARP Memory LCD and Teensy

I created this board in KiCad to try out a SHARP memory display with the Teensy LC:

Screenshot at 2016-08-24 01-21-03

Design Files:

Shared Project:

SHARP memory display and Teensy LC


Order from OSH Park


SHARP Memory LCD and Teensy