Electro Pet plays Santa


Electro_pet by Facelesstech

I got inspiration for this project from the petduino. The petduino is a great project to get kids into coding and electronics. I thought I would have a go and see if I could add some more features to it. Also my daughter was really interested in the 8×8 led matrix

Hardware walkthrough video:

Video of Santa hat and breathalyzer hat for the Electro Pet:

Design files and source code are available on GitHub:

images11 facelessloser/electro_pet


facelessloser has shared boards on OSH Park:



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Order from OSH Park

Electro Pet plays Santa

reDOT: Tiny 5×7 LED matrix

al1 created this remake of the old Texas Instruments TIL305 display with tiny surface mount LEDs:

Screenshot from 2016-12-19 12-17-02.png


TIL311 had a alphanumerical brother the TIL305. This was a 5×7 LED matrix in the same form factor

Here is a video of reDOT in action:

ALKR has shared the board on OSH Park:



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reDOT: Tiny 5×7 LED matrix

Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display


davedarko wrote in his LED displays on Arduinos – a collection project log on hackaday.io:

Arduino Pro Trinket – bubble display

With 4 of HP QDSP-6064 bubble displays in a drawer I felt ready to do something with them and the “Clocks for Social Good” – call on hackaday.com finally got me going


The design files are available on GitHub:

davedarko has shared the board on OSH Park:

ProTrinket Bubble Display shield


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Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display

Quad 7 Segment I2C LED backpack

Barbouri created a quad 7-segment I2C LED backpack:


Building a case for the Programmable Voltage Reference project

I put together an I2C interface board for these displays based on a design by Adafruit, using a Holtek HT16K33 RAM Mapping 16*8 LED Controller Driver chip.

A nice feature of this chip is a dimming command that provides display dimming in 1/16 increments.


Barbouri has shared the board on OSH Park:

7 Segment X4 I2C LED backpack V1.0

Order from OSH Park

Quad 7 Segment I2C LED backpack

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch


Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch

If there’s one thing we like, it’s blinky stuff, and you’re not going to get anything cooler than a display made of tiny SMD LEDs. That’s the idea behind this wristwatch and Hackaday Prize entry. It’s a tiny board, loaded up with an ATmega, a few buttons, and a bunch of LEDs in a big charlieplexed array.

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch

RGB LED Panel Controller using MSP432

John Boyd created simple controller for RGB LED panels with the Texas Instruments MSP432 ARM microcontroller:

Screenshot from 2016-07-09 05-26-30

MSP432 RGB LED Panel Controller

I have managed to get it working without issue at 60 FPS [..] I think I could push to above 100 FPS.


Screenshot from 2016-07-09 05-29-00.png

The challenging part of this project was designing the firmware in a way to leverage all of the MSP432 peripherals to reduce the computational requirements for the CPU.

The hardware design files and firmware source code are hosted on GitHub:


Screenshot from 2016-07-09 05-33-53

RGB LED Panel Controller using MSP432